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TGLC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth of young people across Europe.

Weekly Online

Mind Lecture Seminar

During these uncertain times due to Covid-19 the need for a strong and wise leader has become apparent. The world is in need of those who can cope under pressure and make sound decisions even during the time of crisis.

Although due to government restrictions people are unable to gather together in a physical location we here at TGLC would like to provide an online platform to come together to ‘Unlock Our Potential’ as future leaders of Europe.

Participants Interview

It was my first time to join TGLC and I cannot express with enough words, how much the Mind Lectures helped me. It might come out bold, but it truly changed my daily life and the way I think. 

To be honest I was in a dark place, when quarantine was announced, especially because I still have to work. However weeklyTGLC meeting kept me happy and positive, always looking forward to it. Seeing people unite and just enjoy the activities and doing all of them together is something special and rewarding.

Angelyka Karjus


Listening to all these ambitious people talking about their difficulties in their lives and being able to overcome them, help me realize that everything is possible, no matter how difficult it gets.


Leta Veselinova Buchkova


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