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WEekiy 'Mind Education' Seminar

A structured weekly series of ‘Mind Lectures’ which will help young people to have a sound and healthy mindset. With a detailed curriculum, participants will know weekly themes in advance and have an opportunity to discuss the themes prior to the lecture through an exclusive Facebook Group. After hearing the ‘Mind Lecture’ students will also have the chance to discuss how it changed their perception and what they came to know through the lectures. Through lectures from industry leading experts  participants will develop new insights and outlooks to their lives.

A Changed Mind

A Changed Life

A Changed World

What is ‘Mind Education’

Mind Education is a unique curriculum that both uncovers the “world of the heart” that we all possess, and helps us tap into our potential to change the world starting with ourselves.

Mind Lectures are currently offered through IYF branches in over 80 countries. These sessions lay the foundation of all IYF programming, whether during IYF events (education) or for IYF volunteering opportunities (training for dispatch).

National governments, agencies, and NGOs alike have since adopted Mind Education programming to train several types of cohorts:

  > College students

  > High school and university-level instructors

  > Correctional facility staff members

  > Government officials and workers

  > Church pastors and leaders

  > Parents who struggle to control the children in their care

   Several Mind Education programs are either accredited or in the process of accreditation with several national agencies in Africa, Southwest Asia, and South   America.



Mind Education Curriculum

Compared to economic growth and materialistic wealth,
the “value of the mind,” is often overlooked by modern society.
Therefore, severe mental and social problems, such as the rise
in divorce & suicide rates, game addiction, and bullying are

increasingly becoming frequent crimes. Through mind education,

the International Mind Education Institute precisely teaches
the world of the heart and provides healthy minds
that will lead people to a successful and happy life.


Mind Edu


Strong Mind

We lead and educate in order to
strengthen weak hearts, which are the cause of suicide, crime, drugs, divorce, etc., and to help people live as proper members of society.

Sound Mind



No one can fulfill all their desires. We train and educate self-control so people can lead a happy life by radiating youthfulness.


Happy Life


Change & Challenging Mind

When our minds flow with one
another, the walls between our
hearts collapse and we become
happy. We form change through exchange and raise the spirit of challenge to train talented people.

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